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Retirees discover the advantages of the Texas Gulf Coast

Growing numbers of retirees are discovering the advantages of retirement living on the Texas Gulf Coast. Texas does not tax income, pensions or retirement benefits.

Spanning over 370 miles of white sand beach, Texas’ Gulf Coast region ranks among the best retirement areas in the nation. This popular coastal area has long been noted for a mild climate and fresh seafood.
Exciting mixes of diverse people of all ages call Texas home. Residents enjoy the expanded services that growth has provided, while the qualities making the Texas Coast a great place to live have been preserved.
From the city atmosphere of Corpus Christi and South Padre Island to the comfortable small-town ambiance of Bolivar Peninsula, Crystal Beach, and Gilchrist, each community has an individual character developed over generations. These communities are bound by the common thread of a seafaring history, including pirates and Indians.

The Texas Gulf Coast is truly a welcoming destination. Newcomers are welcomed with open arms and appreciated for the diverse tastes and perspectives they add to our communities.
Known for its hospitality, the Texas Gulf Coast is a major tourism destination. Birding, sport fishing, bay fishing, hiking, swimming, or whatever floats your boat; the Texas Gulf Coast has it all.
The world's best shrimp, tasty crabs and succulent oysters harvested from the Gulf and Bay waters are the staples of our local cuisine. Famous restaurants invite you to sample our seafood harvest and unique recipes. Houston’s world famous Texas Medical Center is within an hour drive from many areas of the coast.

Real value in retirement living...
People from across the nation now recognize what we've known all along; the Texas Gulf Coast offers real value in retirement living. Texas offers a high standard of living, beautiful scenery, historical treasures and more.
Recreational opportunities are as diverse as the people on the Texas Coast. From deep-sea, bay or freshwater fishing, to a lazy day exploring the rivers and bayous to an exhilarating drive down the 370 mile coast, the opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors are unlimited.
If spending time on the links is your style, you can choose from numerous golf courses on the Texas Gulf Coast. With facilities ranging from modest municipal courses to plush links designed by America's top PGA pros, you'll find a course to challenge your handicap. You can keep on top of your golf game year round.

It's easy, come see us. We hope you'll stay!
Additional Information: texasgulfcoastonline.com

Fun Facts About Texas

  • Texas is the 2nd most popular retirement state;
  • Texas economy is reaping an additional $751 million annually from older migrants;
  • 22% of the Texas population will be retirement eligible by 2030;
  • Senior household has the same economic benefit as adding 1.5 jobs in a community;
  • Retirees are looking for smaller rural communities with access to urban services;
  • Native Texans account for 1/5 of retirees returning to Texas;
  • Retirees are moving to be closer to family or care providers;
  • Spend average $36,000 year and pay $3000 in state & local taxes; and
  • Dedicated income or “Mailbox Money” from Social Security, pensions, savings, etc.

Baby Boomer Retirees

  • 1 in 5 boomers will relocate upon retirement;
  • Retiring younger starting at around age 55; • Healthier, more affluent, more active;
  • $2.3 trillion in annual spending power held by highly educated retirees;
  • Purchase new homes, pay taxes, create jobs for the community;
  • Looking for amenities (shopping, restaurants, recreation), good health services, etc.;
  • Looking for sunny climates, lower cost of living, and a better community lifestyle;
  • Provide leadership in community service; and
  • Create dependable full-time and part-time workforce.

They are coming - the Nation’s First Baby Boomer Receives Her First Social Security Retirement Benefit

As the nation’s first Baby Boomer, Ms. Casey-Kirschling is leading what is often referred to as America’s silver tsunami. Over the next two decades, nearly 80 million Americans will become eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, more than 10,000 per day on average. Ms. Casey-Kirschling is setting the example for millions of her fellow boomers by receiving her retirement benefits in the safest, most convenient way possible. Click Here to Read More
Wall Street Journal Report - Affluent Retirees Transforming Rural Communities

Affluent retirees are descending on remote areas and creating demand for amenities like interior-design stores, spas, and organic markets. For many of the communities, this is the biggest change since the interstate highway system was built in the 1960s.

What’s driving the transformation is a shift in the nature of the economy – thanks to the computer, many good jobs can be done anywhere, says Peter Nelson, an associate professor of geography at Middlebury College and an expert on rural migration.

The impact of rural gentrification drives up the price of property and the influx of money creates new jobs in lodging, restaurants, and other service industries. "What we’re seeing is a class colonization," says Nelson.

One indicator of rural gentrification is an increase in residents’ total dividend, interest and rent income. That measurement, tracked by the Commerce Department, is a sign that new residents – usually retirees – are living off their investments rather than salaries.

For instance, in Teton County, Wyo., home of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, total dividend, interest, and rental income has risen 177 percent between 1996 and 2005, one of the largest increases in rural America.
Find our why more and more people are turning to the Texas coast for beachfront living.
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Hosted by Bryan Pope, associate editor with the Texas A&M Real Estate Center.

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