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America 2050 High-speed Rail Study Favors Texas and the Gulf Coast

America 2050 High-speed Rail Study Favors Texas and the Gulf Coast

There are four major population centers in Texas, including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Although Houston and Dallas rank 5th and 7th in the nation respectively in regional population with nearly 4.5 million people each, not one Texas city ranks above 28th in population in the urban core. This stark contrast between very large regional populations and relatively small centralized populations reflects the large geographic size and relatively low density of Texan cities.

The growth in the four major Texas metro regions has been unrelenting and is projected to continue its upward trend. The projected growth rate for all four over the next thirty years in the 25 mile zone is expected to top 50 percent, raising their cumulative population from less than 12 million to more than 18 million.

The America 2050 56-page study, entitled, “High-Speed Rail in America,” cites ridership potential as the number one factor in determining if a corridor is suitable for investment, identifies the specific conditions that generate ridership demand, and scores each corridor according to strength in those areas.

The top performing corridors in each region determined to have the greatest potential demand for highspeed rail ridership include corridors such as: Dallas - Houston - Austin - San Antonio. These are the feeder cities that own, buy, sell and rent the majority of the Texas Coast's Real Estate.

Read the Texas and Gulf Coast section of the report here

Read the full report on America2050.org

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